A Season of Sinister Dreams

A Season of Sinister Dreams
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June 22, 2021
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Furyborn meets A Curse So Dark and Lonely in this thrilling fantasy about two powerful girls coming together to protect their beloved kingdom—from the author of Grace and Fury. Annalise may be cousin to the prince, but her past isn't what she claims, and she possesses a magic so powerful it takes all her strength to control it. Evra is a country girl, and has watched as each friend and family member came into their own magic, while hers remains dormant. But everything changes after Annalise loses control of herself and Evra begins experiencing the debilitating visions of a once-in-a-generation clairvoyant meant to serve the crown. Thrown together at court, Evra and Annalise find that they have the same goal: to protect their kingdom from the powerful men who are slowly destroying it. But neither is quick to trust the other—Evra's visions suggest a threat to royal rule, and Annalise worries that her darkest secrets will be revealed. Their magic at odds, the young women circle each other, until the truth must come out. Full of intrigue, romance, and shocking twists, this gorgeously immersive fantasy will keep readers spellbound until the very last page.

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intriguing YA fantasy
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A SEASON OF SINISTER DREAMS is an engaging YA fantasy that follows two young women, Evra and Annalise. Annalise lives in the palace as the niece to the king. She hides her powerful magic that threatens to overtake her, as she has vowed for herself and her mother that she will change the way the kingdom is being run. When she is engaged to a foreign nobleman, her anger becomes dangerous, and it affects the person in her vicinity, with dangerous and deadly consequences. As she tries to cover up what she has done, she soon learns it has made her the new heir, potentially allowing her to make the changes she is so desperate for - if her secrets are not exposed.

Evra is a magicless daughter of farmers in a poor village, amongst the country of poor villagers. Almost everyone is born with magic, though the strength of it varies from person to person. Between the king's taxes and his claiming of everyone of strong magical ability, the village is bereft. They do not have the magic they need to keep their crops alive and protect their houses, and they do not have money to buy it from elsewhere. As the only person in their village without any magic, Evra faces a lot of prejudice, and she has learned to fend for herself. Soon, however, she learns that she has a special type of magic that feels like a curse - she is a Clearsee, someone who can see the past and future and speak with ghosts. This power only appears to someone in her line when the kingdom is in danger.

Evra does not understand what the visions she has means, and she faces opposition from Annalise who fears her secrets will be revealed. Although they seem at odds, both young women are each trying to create a better country.

What I loved: This was a slowly building plot with a heavy air of mystery as we seek to unravel the world Annalise has made for herself and the lies that have seemingly become truths. Annalise herself does not seem to know how to separate the consequences of her magic from reality. Both Evra and Annalise were compelling characters. Their ethics and decisions are, at times, twisted, but their reasonings and rationales are described. Although the reader may not agree, they can understand what has led to the present.

This is a kingdom which is suffering. There are some interesting themes of ruling, wealth disparity, and deciding on consequences/punishment that were thought-provoking at times. The making of a villain is another major plot point, and the gray/borderline ethics of Annalise's decisions and magic are present throughout. This was definitely something I wanted to discuss outside of the book, as it's not a simple equation, and I think this would make a great book club read.

I enjoyed the magical elements, as magic manifests differently for different people, and I would have loved to learn even more about its origin and history. The Clearsee magic was particularly intriguing, and I really enjoyed what we do learn about it.

Final verdict: Overall, A SEASON OF SINISTER DREAMS is a compelling YA fantasy. Recommend for fans of FURYBORN, THE QUEEN'S RISING, and SWEET AND BITTER MAGIC.
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