10 Truths and a Dare

10 Truths and a Dare
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May 04, 2021
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It's Senior Party Week, that magical in-between time after classes have ended but before graduation, chock-full of gimmicky theme parties, last-minute bonding, and family traditions. Olivia couldn't be more ready. Class salutatorian and confident in her future at LSU, she's poised to sail through to the next phase of her life. But when the tiny hiccup of an unsigned off-campus P.E. form puts Olivia in danger of not graduating at all, she has one week to set things straight without tipping off her very big and very nosy extended family. Volunteering to help at a local golf tournament should do it, but since Olivia's mom equipped her phone with a tracking app, there'll be no hiding the fact that she's at the golf course instead of all the graduation parties happening at the same time. Unless, that is, she can convince the Fab Four--her ride-or-die cousins and best friends Sophie, Charlie, and Wes--to trade phones with her as they go through the motions of playing Olivia for the week. Sure, Olivia's sudden "passion" for golf is met with some suspicion. And sure, her grasp of the rules is a little shaky. And yes, okay, a very cute, very off-limits boy keeps popping up in her orbit. But she is focused! She has a schedule and a plan! Nothing can possibly go wrong . . . right?

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charming and cute YA contemporary
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10 TRUTHS AND A DARE is a book about family and owning up to your mistakes. Olivia is about to graduate high school as salutatorian and excited to have some time away from her overbearing mother as she takes a trip away. Olivia's plans are thrown for a loop when she finds out that her ability to graduate is in jeopardy. She took an off-campus PE class, and the form was not turned in. Thinking it must be a mistake, she tracks the golf coach down.

It turns out that when she did not take the class seriously, she did not end up with the number of minutes needed to get credit for the class. The teacher allows her one last opportunity to make it up by volunteering at the golf tournament. As she volunteers, she tries to hide it from her large and involved family, particularly her mother, with the help of her friends. It's a week when she re-examines her priorities and learns more about herself, as well as getting to know the cute guy who is suddenly back in her orbit named Leo.

Olivia learns a lot during the course of the story, and I appreciated her character growth plus the ultimate focus on honesty/integrity. There are some really funny moments with her mother's overbearing texts that her friends/cousins help her to handle and plenty of cute moments throughout. The book is short and breezy, making it great pick for a summer afternoon read.

The romance was more background than I wish it was, but it still had plenty of swoon-worthy moments, and I was definitely cheering for them. I also wish that there was more resolution with her mother to set up some boundaries, but I get that most of it was likely for the comedy.

Overall, 10 TRUTHS AND A DARE was a charming and funny YA contemporary that is perfect for a summer afternoon read.
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