Havoc (Haven, #2)

Havoc (Haven, #2)
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April 05, 2021
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For the first time in his life, Rain Ryland belongs. He’s found a home with the wolf shifters of New Wurzburg and is no-holds-barred in love with Friederike Burkhart, their soon-to-be alpha. But the ascension to power is never easy for a new alpha, and challengers will come from an unlikely source—and bring into jeopardy not just Freddie’s position as alpha but her blooming relationship with Rain. Rain has never shied away from a challenge—or a fight. And he’s ready to fight like hell for the woman he loves. But then a vision shows him that the biggest challenge of all to Freddie isn’t to her alpha status but against her life...and he’s the one who delivers the killing blow.

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intriguing sequel to a YA paranormal romance
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HAVOC is an intriguing continuation of a YA paranormal romance. In this world, witches and werewolves live side by side with the witches being called Weavers and the werewolves called Watchers treated like their pets. Watchers are supposed to protect the witches while they are casting. Their role has been one of servitude with the witches carrying breeding logs and forcing inhumane practices on them of subservience with trackers, lethal punishments, and the use of mating only to produce the strongest offspring.

Things are changing with Freddie soon to become the Alpha of her pack. She has a vision for change in the treatment of Watchers and their role in paranormal society. As with any changes, this will be hard-fought. The trouble is already beginning with tensions running high, accusations flying every which way, and now a surprise force breaking Rain and Freddie apart - even though she and Rain are clearly meant for each other.

What I loved: There are some really interesting themes in the book about equality and power as well as the corruption of it. This book could function as a stand-alone, as the major plots in the first book were tied up, and this sequel presents its own conflicts which are also concluded within. The characters do carry across, and it would be helpful to read them in order, but the major points that are needed to enjoy this book are recapped (also helpful if you have not read the first one in a while). This book was action-packed and moves quickly, which I appreciated as it was a fun read overall. The mystery of what was going on really keeps the pages turning.

What left me wanting more: Although present throughout, the romance takes a backseat here, and I wanted more of it. There were also some plotlines that felt wrapped up a little too abruptly, and I wanted a bit more lead up/reasoning to their resolution. The ending felt a bit rushed and too neat on some things. I also had some feelings about the villain, and I think I needed a bit more information on that to fully buy in. These were all relatively minor in my mind.

Final verdict: Overall, fans of the first book will be delighted to spend more time in this intriguing magical world. HAVOC is a fast-paced and intriguing sequel to a YA paranormal romance series. I would be curious to see if more books will follow.
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