To Whatever End

To Whatever End
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January 04, 2021
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Quinn Easterly is cursed. With one touch, she can see the end to someone's life. Everyday deaths, and ones that haunt her in her daydreams. Ones that have always proven impossible to prevent. She has finally learned to go about life as usual until she meets Griffin. With one touch, she sees a death she simply cannot ignore. Not this time. Not when, dying in her arms, he whispers three simple words that change everything. Even if Quinn can’t change the future, can’t save him, she at least has to try. Even if it means taking the bullet meant for him.

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TO WHATEVER END is a YA contemporary with a magical twist - the main character is able to see the end of her relationship with someone whenever she touches them. Although she is powerless to change the ending, she has not given up hope of being able to do so through her choices. When she meets a guy at a museum, she sees them confessing their love for each other as he is dying in her arms. Although she knows from past experience that she would be unable to change it, she is determined to try.

As they get to know each other, odd things are happening and they seem to be escalating. Whether Quinn will be able to get to the cause of it all is uncertain - and she knows it's only a matter of time before the end of their relationship plays out in real life.

The premise of this was really intriguing, with Quinn being able to see the end of any relationship with a touch (be it friendship, romance, acquaintance). However, we did not get a lot of insight into this "curse" or why it is handed down through the family. I would have liked more knowledge of it and why fate seems so unbreakable. It straddled the line of a thriller, with the crimes and the person behind it all upping the ante along the way, but the pace and cadence of the book was heavily weighted to romance and the focus on her relationship with Griffin.

In terms of the romance, it fell a little flat for me with Quinn being "different than other girls" and spending a lot of time interrogating Griffin to figure out who would try to kill him (with the motive being to change their future ending). They also straddle adulthood with Griffin living on his own and being out of high school, while Quinn is still in and planning to apply to art school. I think with the magic and thriller/mystery elements, the plot was stretched a little thin and needed more weight on one or another.

I do think this would appeal to fans of EVERMORE and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Overall, TO WHATEVER END has an interesting premise with elements of thriller/mystery, romance, and a touch of magical realism.
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