Send Me Their Souls (Bring Me Their Hearts, #3)

Send Me Their Souls (Bring Me Their Hearts, #3)
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November 03, 2020
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There are worse things than death. With the rise of Varia d’Malvane comes the fall of the Mist Continent. Cavanos is overrun by the brutal rampage of the valkerax, led by its former crown princess. Vetris is gone. Helkyris is gone. As each mighty nation falls, the grip of the crown princess closes around the throat of the world. But Zera Y’shennria isn’t out yet. Alongside Malachite, Fione, Yorl, and her love Lucien, Zera seeks aid from the High Witches and the Black Archives, with the valkerax horde hot on their heels. Seemingly unstoppable, Varia can track Zera through her dreams, ensuring there is nowhere to run. Thankfully, an ancient book holds the key to stopping the incursion forever. But at what cost comes freedom? At what cost comes love? At what cost comes the end of the world, and the beginning of a new one?

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compelling series and solid finale
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SEND ME THEIR SOULS is a gut-wrenching finale to a fantastic YA fantasy series. In this third book, we begin where the second left off with Varia and Zera faced with the Bone Tree. Zera begins with the tough decision of whether she should allow the boy she loves to be her witch. As a Heartless, Zera's heart is outside her body, possessed by her witch, who could return it. Without it, she is tied to them with their power to heal her- and command her.

Now, the end of everything is looming with the Bone Tree driving Varia and the valkerax to destroy everything. It seems impossible to save Varia, Fione's love and Lucien's sister, while also stopping her rampaging destruction. Connected to her through dreams, Zera witnesses her loss of control and the shifting of Varia into Bone Tree as it begins to overtake her. This finale seeks to end this saga with all the action and adventuring- plus witty sarcasm- we would expect.

What I loved: The ending of this book was beautiful, perfect, and definitely made me sob. I mean, All The Tears. It was full of the feels and completely finished this series in the absolute perfect way. I also appreciated that we get some additional answers here about the story behind magic and the destruction people have, ultimately, brought on themselves. The world-building is really finished in an epic way in this third and final book.

All the other reasons I love this series remain in this third book. For instance, the fabulous characters, including Zera who is a mix of confidence and insecurity, cutting wit and modesty, and so many other things that make her such a unique heroine. Other characters, including Lucien, Fione, and Malachite, remain just as compelling in this final book, and I loved reading their story. I also really love the jokes/sarcasm in the most serious of times that provide delightful comic relief. There are also some interesting themes around morality, give/take, destruction of nature, and difficult choices we make that make this a really thought-provoking series.

What left me wanting more: This book has a long path, and it can be a bit repetitive with some scenes feeling like those we just completed, and certain things repeated often. It does make the middle of the book feel like it lags it bit, but the end and the characters more than make up for it.

Final verdict: SEND ME THEIR SOULS is a compelling finale to a YA fantasy series full of unique world-building, interesting themes, and beloved characters. Highly recommend picking this whole series up - but have some tissues handy for that ending.
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