Lightbringer (Empirium, #3)

Lightbringer (Empirium, #3)
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October 13, 2020
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The incredible conclusion to the Empirium Trilogy that started with the instant New York Times bestsellers Furyborn and Kingsbane! This series is perfect for those looking for books for teen girls and is also one of the best fantasy series for adults and teens! Two queens, separated by a thousand years must face their ultimate destinies. Queen Rielle, pushed away from everything she loves, turns to Corien and his promises of glory. Meanwhile, whispers from the empirium slowly drive her mad, urging her to open the Gate. Separated from Audric and Ludivine, she embraces the role of Blood Queen and her place by Corien's side, determined to become the monster the world believes her to be. In the future, Eliana arrives in the Empire's capital as a broken shell of herself. Betrayed and abandoned, she fights to keep her power at bay―and away from Corien, who will stop at nothing to travel back in time to Rielle, even if that means destroying her daughter. But when the mysterious Prophet reveals themselves at last, everything changes, giving Rielle and Eliana a second chance for salvation―or the destruction their world has been dreading. An epic fantasy with female protagonist, the Empirium Trilogy has captured the hearts of many and Lightbringer concludes this beloved teen fantasy series.

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A truly epic finale to an incredible trilogy
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LIGHTBRINGER is a truly epic finale to the Empirium trilogy. Rielle and Eliana are mother and daughter, separated by thousands of years and living in a world that would be unrecognizable to the other. Avitas during Rielle's time is threaded with Empirium, a magic that connects all and which some people are able to tap into as Elementals. Rielle is particularly powerful and thought to be the prophesied Sun Queen who could save them all. Here, we follow her after her fall when she is now thought to be the Blood Queen who will be their ruin.

Rielle is traveling with the angel, Corien. In this world, Angels are powerful creatures who had warred with humans and been trapped in a terrible place to end the war. While some angels (like Corien) are definitely not good at heart, others do strive to be better - creating a juxtaposition in the species much like humans though with significantly more power.

Rielle's mind has been warped by Corien, and he is leading her to destroy the Gate which keeps the angels locked in the terrible world the humans had sent them to. As the Sun Queen, it was thought that she would seal it to keep them from overtaking and destroying humanity. In her chapters, we see her mind challenging itself and fighting to come to terms with her grief over her past mistakes and questioning of who she will become.

Eliana was taken to the future by a type of Elemental called a marque, who typically moves over distances. She has grown up in this cruel landscape where the gate has fallen, Empirium no longer exists, and her life has been full of struggle. In this book, following a terrible betrayal, she is in the hands of the future Corien, who is torturing her and those she loves, including her little brother, to try to get her to bring back Empirium.

As their paths forge ahead, Eliana and Rielle must connect if their world and humanity stands any chance of survival.

What I loved: This book is truly epic. It made me cry, sigh, and definitely gave me chills. This book gets dark and explores many different emotions in such powerful ways that it is quite moving. This is definitely a heavy read, but the past books have been building to such and it's so beautifully woven together. Love in all its forms (friendship, family, romantic) is explored throughout this book and trilogy, and its truly breathtaking in places how it appears.

Other themes in this book are really potent such as the value of an individual vs. the many and morality as we contain both good and bad. This series would be fantastic for a book club, as there are so many ideas that merit discussion and this is definitely one that readers will be eager to talk about.

The characters all have a complexity that makes them highly compelling. We dive deeper not only into Rielle and Eliana, but also Simon, Audric, Remy, Jessamyn, Ludivine, and Obritsa, and they are all characters who captured my heart in their own ways. Sometimes, they broke it, but only because of how much love I had for them all. This series has a way of making all of them and their stories seem so real.

This book follows the previous book closely in time and does not spend time recapping, so it is helpful to have read the earlier books recently (or reminded yourself with a synopsis). There are a lot of characters and times to remember, though it is definitely worth the effort.

Final verdict: Be prepared for your undoing with this magnificent finale. LIGHTBRINGER is the terrific conclusion that will trample on your heart and stick with you - the sign of a truly epic read. Highly recommend picking up this trilogy for any lovers of dark fantasy and fantastic world- and character-building.
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