A Wicked Magic

A Wicked Magic
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July 28, 2020
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Dan and Liss are witches. The Black Book granted them that power. Harnessing that power feels good, especially when everything in their lives makes them feel powerless. During a spell gone wrong, Liss's boyfriend is snatched away by an evil entity and presumed dead. Dan and Liss's friendship dies that night, too. How can they practice magic after the darkness that they conjured? Months later, Liss discovers that her boyfriend is alive, trapped underground in the grips of an ancient force. She must save him, and she needs Dan and the power of The Black Book to do so. Dan is quickly sucked back into Liss's orbit and pushes away her best friend, Alexa. But Alexa has some big secrets she's hiding and her own unique magical disaster to deal with. When another teenager disappears, the girls know it's no coincidence. What greedy magic have they awakened? And what does it want with these teens it has stolen? Set in the atmospheric wilds of California's northern coast, Sasha Laurens's thrilling debut novel is about the complications of friendship, how to take back power, and how to embrace the darkness that lives within us all.

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A Wicked Magic
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Friends Dan and Liss find a Black book of magic and try a spell. Only the spell goes terribly wrong when their friend Johnny is snatched and dragged away into darkness. Nine months later and the friends have stopped talking. Out of the blue, Liss shares that she spoken to Johnny and she's going to bring him back. But they're not the only ones in town with a secret. Alexa, Dan's new friend, has her own magical secret. Now it's up to the trio to see if they can bring Johnny back, even if that means they might put their own lives in danger.

What worked: I love a good witch tale and this one totally had everything I love in these stories--complications of friendships; deadly secrets; and of course, magic!

Liss might be the rich girl, but she has her own insecurities. Plus, she just happened to break the girlfriend code--don't date your friend's crush. Dan also struggles with her own issues. She cuts herself to feel and hates when Liss pops back into her life. She tries to deny she doesn't want to do magic again, but can't deny the pull of the Black book. Alexa's own secret involves her beloved aunt trying to investigate one leader of a coven which goes terrible wrong.

I really enjoyed following the characters as they try to bring their friend back from a dark world where a trickster demon resides. Add to this the mystery behind a coven leader and what's behind his true intentions. There's a cult-like atmosphere with the group that affects not only Alexa's aunt, but others in the small Northern Californian coast town.

Liss and Dan are what some call 'naive witches', people that stumble on to magic. They're 'self-made'. Alexa though is someone who inherits her abilities after someone close to her dies. There's even a cat familial.

The Craft meets Charmed in a small coastal town filled with magic and secrets. Where betrayals and forgiveness of past wrongs lead to taking back power in order to save not only a friendship, but yourself.
Good Points
1. The Craft meets Charmed
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