Not Another Love Song

Not Another Love Song
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July 07, 2020
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An aspiring teenage singer finds herself playing a different tune when she falls for a boy who could jeopardize her future dreams in Olivia Wildenstein's romantic YA novel, Not Another Love Song. Angie has studied music her entire life, nurturing her talent as a singer. Now a high school senior, she has an opportunity to break into Nashville's music scene via a songwriting competition launched by her idol, Mona Stone. Discouraged by her mother, who wishes Angie would set more realistic life goals, she nonetheless pours her heart and soul into creating a song worthy of Mona. But Angie's mother is the least of her concerns after she meets Reedwood High’s newest transfer student, Ten. With his endless collection of graphic tees, his infuriating attitude, smoldering good looks, and endearing little sister, Ten toys with the rhythm of Angie’s heart. She’s never desired anything but success until Ten entered her life. Now she wants to be with him and to be a songwriter for Mona Stone, but she can’t have both. And picking one means losing the other.

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Sweet and easy to read.
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Different than I was expecting - and that’s a good thing!

The story:
All Angie ever wanted to do was make it in the music world like her idol Mona Stone. When Mona announces a songwriting contest, Angie gets to work creating the perfect song.
But then she meets Ten and Nev, a brother-sister duo with a hidden secret. Ten is everything she wants but thinks she’ll lose. And Nev is the girl Angie understands, the one who just wants to fit in.
But with Mona’s contest looming and people not wanting her to enter, will Angie have to choose between the beginning of her career and the beginning of her epic love?

What I loved:
Pretty much everything. This book was so well done and Angie is officially my favorite character I’ve read this year. Despite her unwillingness to hear bad things about Mona, she’s incredible empathetic. Her interactions with Nev were my favorite part.
I also loved that not a single person in this book was unreasonable - which isn’t always true in YA. They all see the hidden depths of their own choices and the consequences that could come. There’s no threats to breakup, when people mess up they know they did and apologize quickly. It really made this an easy-to-read book because you can root for just about anyone. For the most part, the characters are flawed but not bad. A hard balance to create.

What was just okay:
The story lagged a bit in the middle. I’d been expecting more music business stuff, but I’m actually glad we didn’t get it.

Final Verdict:
A sweet story with endearing characters, flawless writing, and an intriguing storyline readers will love.
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