The Falling in Love Montage

The Falling in Love Montage
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June 09, 2020
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Two girls embark on a summer of montage-worthy dates (with a few strings attached) in this hilarious and heartfelt lesbian rom-com that’s perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli and Jenny Han. Seventeen-year-old cynic Saoirse Clarke isn’t looking for a relationship. But when she meets mischievous Ruby, that rule goes right out the window. Sort of. Because Ruby has a loophole in mind: a summer of all the best cliché movie montage dates, with a definite ending come fall—no broken hearts, no messy breakup. It would be the perfect plan, if they weren’t forgetting one thing about the Falling in Love Montage: when it’s over, the characters have fallen in love...for real. Ciara Smyth’s debut is a delightful, multilayered YA rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, and absolutely fall in love.

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conversational YA contemporary romance
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THE FALLING IN LOVE MONTAGE is a beautiful YA contemporary romance that follows Saoirse (Seer-sha). Saoirse speaks to the reader with a very conversational tone, following the summer after her graduation from high school before she takes her next steps. Saoirse has sworn off relationships and prevents herself from ever getting close by only kissing curious straight girls. Her heart was broken about eight months earlier by her BFF and long-term girlfriend, Hannah. When Hannah dumped her, Saoirse was devastated and realized some hard truths about her own life and datability.

Saoirse's mother has early-onset dementia, and Saoirse knows that it may also someday be her own genetic fate. She also thinks about her father and his choices during that/this time, which are also affecting her life. Her own future feels cloudy, and she is not sure that the life plan she has had is what she wants anymore. When she meets Ruby at Oliver's party, she is not prepared for all the feelings Ruby makes her feel. After accidentally kidnapping a kitten, they start on something for fun. They plan to recreate the rom-com falling in love montage- but Saoirse has a plan to prevent herself from getting the feels. However, life does not always go according to plan.

What I loved: This book was so much deeper than I expected at first glance. While it does have some laugh-out-loud funny moments (Barbara, the wedding dress seller, is AMAZING), it also has other moments so true and sad that it made me tear up. Saoirse is dealing with a lot- not always in the best way, but dealing with it all the same. The book really shows a lot of character growth, epiphanies, and still manages to pay homage to the rom-com (however reluctantly Saoirse goes there). Ruby and Saoirse seem destined in the stars, and I totally want to peek into the future and see what's what there.

However, the biggest parts of the book- the most important parts- are Saoirse figuring out what she wants to be and how she wants to be. She faces romance, family, and friends with some avoidance and some fights, but she manages to really make the reader fall in love with her and take us along for the journey. This book gives a lot of feels, and it is a truly heartfelt read.

Final verdict: Heartfelt, comical, and ultimately beautiful, THE FALLING IN LOVE MONTAGE is a journey worth taking. Readers will fall in love with Saoirse and watching her highs and lows as she travels through the summer of decisions. Barbara may still be my favorite character, but there are so many to love in this book- they will definitely stick with you. Highly recommend for fans of LOVE, SIMON, THE LAST TRUE POETS OF THE SEA, and A CONSTELLATION OF ROSES.
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