Tarnished Are the Stars

Tarnished Are the Stars
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October 15, 2019
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A secret beats inside Anna Thatcher's chest: an illegal clockwork heart. Anna works cog by cog -- donning the moniker Technician -- to supply black market medical technology to the sick and injured, against the Commissioner's tyrannical laws.

Nathaniel Fremont, the Commissioner's son, has never had to fear the law. Determined to earn his father's respect, Nathaniel sets out to capture the Technician. But the more he learns about the outlaw, the more he questions whether his father's elusive affection is worth chasing at all.

Their game of cat and mouse takes an abrupt turn when Eliza, a skilled assassin and spy, arrives. Her mission is to learn the Commissioner's secrets at any cost -- even if it means betraying her own heart.

When these uneasy allies discover the most dangerous secret of all, they must work together despite their differences and put an end to a deadly epidemic -- before the Commissioner ends them first.

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Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor Review
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I actually really enjoyed this story. The beginning was a little confusing because there wasn’t too much explanation of the world but by the time I got a little more half way things became clear. This book kind of felt like two different stories at a bit. There was all this new information brought in at the end that I wish was mentioned earlier. The idea of alchemy was so interesting that I was hoping for more. It was these little things that I think would have made this book a bigger success. This new world was interesting but I felt like it wasn’t explored to the fullest. The ending was a little predictable for me but I loved seeing it unfold. I really enjoyed the direction and pacing of this novel. It ended fantastically and overall it was a really fun read. An absolute success for her debut novel.

Anna and Eliza were amazing characters. While I liked Nathaniel’s character, he just couldn’t compare to the girls. But all three complimented each other so well. Anna was a wild character who wanted to continue serving the people of the Settlement who couldn’t use the technology to help themselves. In the beginning she really doesn’t care about consequences because she thinks what she’s doing is worth all the risks. Her character really develops along the way and I’m so glad for it. Eliza is a badass woman and probably my favorite of the 3. As the Queen’s eyes she is fierce and let’s nothing stand in her way. She has given up everything to gain favor for the queen. When she is sent to Earth adjacent though she starts to question her loyalty. Again, I love Eliza and her character. It was nice seeing how she came to her conclusion in the end. Was it a little brisk without much thought? Yeah it seemed that way but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it! Nathaniel was the only character that I felt meh on. I mean I get why he acted the way he did but it just dragged on for so long. He couldn’t make a single decision and the confidence he gained would be gone a second later. However, I loved the ending for him. It seemed like his character would have a fantastic end which made me happy. All together though, this trio was fantastic.

Overall, Tarnish Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor was a fantastic debut novel. With an interesting world that was introduced, I was left wanting a little more. The alchemy aspect of this novel was a great addition I wish that it was explored more. I loved the characters, with Eliza being my favorite. Nathaniel was my least but the ending was satisfying for me. However, the trio together were fantastic. I do recommend this debut novel for anyone interested in a sci-fi novel with a technology ban.
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