Between Burning Worlds

Between Burning Worlds
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March 24, 2020
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Les Misérables meets The Lunar Chronicles in the out-of-this-world sequel to Sky Without Stars that’s an “explosion of emotion, intrigue, romance, and revolution” (Stephanie Garber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Caraval series). A traitor. A prisoner. A fugitive. Wanted by the Regime. Destined to save the planet. Laterre is on the brink of war. The Third Estate are rioting against the injustices of a corrupt system. The Patriarche, reeling from the murder of his only heir, makes brutal attempts to quash the unrest, while a new militant faction launches a series of deadly attacks. And three outlaws find themselves pulled into the fray... Marcellus is now a traitor to his planet, willing to do anything to stop his grandfather from seizing control of Laterre, even if it means joining the Vangarde, a rebel group back from the dead. Chatine is a prisoner on Bastille. Desperate to survive the harsh conditions of the moon, she becomes embroiled in the Vangarde’s dangerous attempt to free their infamous leader. Alouette is a fugitive who has been lied to her entire life. Searching for the truth about her mysterious past, she soon finds herself hunted by the Regime for reasons she’s only beginning to understand. But when Laterre is threatened by the emergence of a deadly new weapon, these three renegades must risk everything, traveling to the far reaches of the System Divine and into the white hot center of a planet ready to ignite.

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Between Burning Worlds
(Updated: April 09, 2020)
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What worked: This is the second novel in the Systems Divide series. Between Burning Worlds starts right off where the first book ended. Readers are taken on a futuristic trip through a world that's a twist on the classic novel Les Miserables.

First off, I was totally engaged! Loved how the writers are able to create this awesome futuristic world with characters that are endearing and totally likeable.

The world building is amazing and has a Cinder feel going for it. Cyborgs are ones that have their humanity turned off and are the perfect individual. Readers though get to see a behind the scenes on a couple of the cyborgs.

There's romance, action, mystery, and enchantment throughout the pages. We see Chatine in the human slave prison on the prison moon of Bastille. She still struggles with her feelings for Marcellus, the grandson of General Bonnefacon. He's trying to find the strength to stand up to his abusive grandfather, especially when he finds out the truth of his father's death and part in the rebel group Vangarde.

The images of Laterre and the caste system are shown in rich, vivid details. The Second Estate are those who benefit from the cruel harshness of The Third Estate. And there's even an electronic guillotine that has the same grisly results as the one in our 18th century France.

One huge thing in this novel has to be the journey of Alouette "Little Lark" (Madeline). After the Sisters of the Refuge teach her the 'truth' about her history and that they are in fact part of the rebel group Vangarde, Alouette flees and searches for her birth mother. What she encounters is far more than she could even imagine. She goes to a blood brothel(where young girls sell the nutrients of their blood to the rich) and ends up unleashing a hidden part of herself. This part will help with the coming rebellion back on Laterre. She helps Marcellus intercede a message that lands them in Albion and a horrific plan that involves the Third Estate back on Laterre.

Readers also are introduced to Etienne, a 'Defecteur' who shuns the cruel Patriarche and his rule. There's also a hint of a possible romance. Cerise, a Vangarde sympathizer and hacker. Gabriel, a criminal who has links to Chatine's past. Her own criminal parents make a visit too.

Captivating futuristic twist on Les Miserables meets Cinder in an outer space adventure that keeps you wanting to know more. And omg on that cliffhanger ending that literally sizzles. Can't wait for the next book in this amazing series.
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