Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight
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April 07, 2020
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They have a love-hate relationship with summer. Sidney and Asher should have clicked. Two star swimmers forced to spend their summers on a lake together sounds like the perfect match. But it's the same every year--in between cookouts and boat rides and family-imposed bonfires, Sidney and Asher spend the dog days of summer finding the ultimate ways to prank each other. And now, after their senior year, they're determined to make it the most epic summer yet. But their plans are thrown in sudden jeopardy when their feud causes their families to be kicked out of their beloved lake houses. Once in their new accommodations, Sidney expects the prank war to continue as usual. But then she gets a note--Meet me at midnight. And Asher has a proposition for her: join forces for one last summer of epic pranks, against a shared enemy--the woman who kicked them out. Their truce should make things simpler, but six years of tormenting one another isn't so easy to ignore. Kind of like the undeniable attraction growing between them.

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fun YA contemporary romance with hate-to-love couple and clever pranks
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MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT is a book that reminds readers of all the possibilities and freedom of summer vacation. We follow Sidney and Asher in alternating first person points-of-view. Their parents have been vacationing together since they were 13 for two months every summer. The first summer was great- but then they began hating each other and spending the summer coming up with and enacting pranks.

At 18, their pranks are getting better (or worse?) until one prank that went too far and got them kicked out of the vacation houses they usually rent. Sidney and Asher agree to a truce, and both find that maybe that surface-level hate has something better underneath. That is, if they can get over their own insecurities.

This was a great story with plenty of cringe-worthy pranks, summer fun, and sigh/swoon-worthy moments. There are definitely a few times that I wanted to shake them both and tell them the way it would have to be, but it was great to have them figure it out on their own. I loved the competition and that their parents were totally aware of everything but letting them figure it out on their own (seriously, their parents were awesome).

There are some things that happen between scenes and not everything is spelled out, and I do wish that some of those critical scenes had been spelled out (for instance, when talking about why it started, we get a flashback to the event that changed things, but not the actual conversation between them talking about it). Although the book is in first person, feelings/emotions are not frequently described. I would have liked more of those to sink into. These are relatively small things, however.

Overall, this was a perfect beachy hate-to-love read that will make you wish it was summer already. Highly recommend for people who like YA contemporary romance and heartfelt stories with lots of clever pranks.
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