A Betrayal Exposed (Not Every Girl Book 3)

A Betrayal Exposed (Not Every Girl Book 3)
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January 14, 2020
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Olivia Davenport’s life is finally going smoothly, until if falls completely apart. First, the king breaks his promise to allow her and the prince to marry. Liam assures her he will fix the situation when he returns from his latest mission. But then, only a few days after, the unthinkable happens. Prince Stephan, the king’s nephew, returns with word that Liam has been murdered at the hands of Olivia’s own father, Jack Davenport. While her father awaits trial, Olivia is banished from the castle and sent back to her disgraced family.
Faced with the possibility of losing the two most important men in her life, Olivia will not stand by and do nothing. Refusing to believe the accusations and armed with the hope Liam may yet be alive, Olivia knows an act of treason is the only way to spare her father from execution. She sets off to find out what truly occurred. With the help of an old ally, she pieces together the treachery. While they race back home to expose the betrayal, they are hunted to be silenced before the real truth comes to light.

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