My Ideal Boyfriend is a Croissant

My Ideal Boyfriend is a Croissant
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July 09, 2019
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This honest, laugh-out-loud novel brimming with body positivity, bite-sized nuggets of feminism, and commentary on eating will have readers rooting for sixteen-year-old BB as she navigates her world while maintaining her plucky zest for life even in the most trying of times. It's a food diary. I have to tell the truth. That's the point. Sixteen-year-old Bluebelle, also known as BB or Big Bones, lives her life unapologetically. She loves life! She loves food! When BB has a worse-than-usual asthma attack, her mom insists she go to the doctor. There, she is told that she is overweight (no surprise) and prediabetic (big surprise) and must lose weight, move more, and keep a food diary. To get out of this immediate health crisis, she agrees to make an effort. Then a tragedy occurs in the family, and things get seriously complicated. Suddenly, losing weight and moving more are the least of her worries. As for the food diary, though, BB doesn't just document what she's eating, she documents what she's feeling--and she has a lot to say!

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My Ideal Boyfriend Is A Croissant
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Sixteen-year-old Bluebelle, or BB/Big Bones, loves herself. Forget that others say she's fat. After a recent asthma attack, she has a doctor's visit and is told she must lose weight. The doctor suggests she write in a food journal. Only the journal becomes much more than just about food. Seems BB has lots of say about not only food, but life around her.

What worked: This is a hilarious contemporary novel of a teen who is happy with who she is and doesn't care what others think. She just happens to love food. When she has to write in a food journal, she starts by describing her favorite foods in vivid detail. Then other things pop in like her feelings of her parents latest breakup; trying to get an apprenticeship at the coffee shop she works at; her attraction to a fellow barista; and her love of her kid sister.

I love BB's zest for life and her self-confidence is felt through out the novel. It's beyond refreshing to have a heroine who doesn't moan her added weight and accepts who she is. Her character is multi-layered and her struggles( like feeling guilty after her younger sister has a tragic accident) are very realistic. She kind of reminds me of another protagonist-Dumplin-who also didn't let other's opinions of her weight keep her down.

Hilarious coming age tale of a London teen whose food journal becomes a map of her life.
Good Points
1. Hilarious story of a teen whose food journal becomes much more a reflection of her life
2. Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging meets Dumplin
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