The Blue Planets World Box Set

The Blue Planets World Box Set
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November 12, 2018
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Earth finally receives a message from space:
“You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.”

He’ll never back down.
Even if it costs him everything.
Jake Rose must help negotiate peace between Rison and Earth. In this exciting prequel short story and trilogy of novels, he’s the only one who can bridge the gap. That’s because he’s a test-tube baby, half human and half alien.

The story opens with a short story, ENVOYS, Prequel, a first contact short story that sets up the conflict between the two blue planets. In SLEEPERS, Book 1, the first full-length novel, Jake Rose must discover and diffuse the secret of what aliens sleeper cells have been doing on Earth. It’s one thing to ask permission to live in the oceans, but what if the oceans aren’t empty. In SIRENS, Book 2, the aliens dive deep to find a hidden city of Earthlings who aren’t quite human. The concluding novel, PILGRIMS, Book 3, sends an Earth team to Rison just days before it’s due to implode. Will they be able to find the cure for a Risonian disease and escape certain doom?

**This box set includes the short story prequel and three complete novels.**

ENVOYS – Prequel
A lonely doctor.
A desperate alien race.
Which blue planet will survive?

This short story prequel features the First Contact between planets Rison and Earth. They’ve known for 25 years that the other planet existed and had intelligent life similar to Earth. But Rison has never allowed them to visit their home world.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Rison requests a medical team to meet them on their planet’s Moon Base. Commander Rose manages to find a place on the team because he’s an expert in comparative anatomy. But he has no idea what First Contact will mean to him. And to Earth.


He comes from an alien world.
But he's the best hope for Earth.

In this coming of age science fiction story, Jake Rose--who is half Earthling and half alien--must discover the truth of what the Risonian aliens have been doing on earth. He joins his human grandparents on Bainbridge Island, but finds alien sleeper cells hiding in Puget Sound.

They're desperate! Their world is dying, and they need a new planet. They can breathe in air or water, so they only want to live in Earth's oceans.

Jake must stop those--on both sides--who would sabotage the Risonian's only hope for survival. But strangely, he finds that he's also Earth's only hope for survival. Read to find out how he survives.

SIRENS, Book 2

He's an alien. She's not quite human.
Can they survive an epic battle under the sea?

When the seas are accidentally poisoned by the aliens from Rison, Jake Rose--a teen who is half-human and half-alien--must question everything he's believed about planet Earth. He tracks his ailing girlfriend, Em, to Edinburgh, Scotland. From a distance, the North Sea looks serene. But underneath lies a shocking secret.

This is the second book in the exciting science fiction books, THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD series. When the Risonian world is threatened with implosion, they seek refuge on another blue planet. Will this aquatic alien species be welcome in Earth's oceans, or will the entire race be lost when their planet self-destructs?

This story has everything we love in a coming of age action movie: crazy battles, shocking revelations, and a gentle romance unfolding in the midst of a storm. Read, and picture it all in your mind.


He’ll never back down.
Even if it costs him everything.

In a break-neck race across the galaxy to the other blue planet, Jake Rose, a half-human and half-alien teen, arrives on the doomed planet Rison in search of a cure for a deadly alien illness. The stakes are higher than every because his girlfriend, Em, is dying. Unless they find a cure, the entire Phoke race may die.

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