Beyond the Chocolate War (Chocolate War #2)

Beyond the Chocolate War (Chocolate War #2)
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March 12, 1985
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The school year is almost at an end, and the chocolate sale is past history. But no one at Trinity School can forget The Chocolate War.

Devious Archie Costello, commander of the secret school organizationcalled the Virgils, stall has some torturous assignments to hand out before he graduates. In spite of this pleasure, Archie is troubled by his right-hand man, Obie, who has started to move away from the Virgils. Luckily Archie knows his stooges will fix that. But won't Archie be shocked when he discovers the surprise Obie has waiting for him?

And there are surprises waiting for others. The time for revenge has come to those boys who secretly suffered the trials of Trinity. The fuse is set for the final explosion. Who will survive?

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Great for guys
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Reader reviewed by Blake Hoonhout

Characters were well developed and helped to make the book a very interesting novel.

This was the story of a prestigious, quiet private highschool with a solid reputation but a flaw witht the potential to cause complete anarchy. A secret organization lurks within the school's shcadows that lives to cause chaos and variety in a monotonous series of school days. But in this sequel to a classic, the limits are pushed and so starts the decline of a leader and legacy.

Though i feel this book should be read by all, I would most recomend this for all teenage males. I say this because as a teenager myself, i know that all teen males would enjoy the juvenile but complex stunts that were pulled in this story.

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