The Body Market

The Body Market
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March 28, 2017
Skylar has been betrayed.

By her sister, who was willing to sacrifice Skylar for her own plans, and by Rain, who lied to her about everything.

Perhaps worst of all, Skylar and her friends failed to stop the Real World’s plans for the people who are plugged in. The Body Market is now open for business—and Inara, Skylar’s best friend, is for sale.

Shaken by the betrayal of everyone she trusted, Skylar learns there is a price on her head and that a bounty hunter is determined to deliver her to the Body Market.

But Skylar is through being a pawn in everyone else’s game. She may be the only one who can stop what her family started. And she must do it before everyone in the App World runs out of time.

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Wired Series #2
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THE BODY MARKET by Donna Freitas is the sequel to the young adult dystopian novel, UNPLUGGED, released in summer 2016. The sophomore book picks up where the first left off, and this time there is multi P.O.V. Not only do we have insight into Skylar’s brain, we also get a first person narrative from Rain, and a new character, Kit. Though there are moments of action here and there, this book primarily lives in the human-to-human connections and quiet conversations. Still, this novel, more so than UNPLUGGED, chugs along at an energetic pace. The shifting perspectives are a large reason for this, as they help advance the story, creating tension along the way.

THE BODY MARKET introduces a new love triangle for Skylar. She, of course, has Rain, the guy she was crushing on all of UNPLUGGED, but at the start of THE BODY MARKET, she meets Kit, a brooding bounty hunter. Many readers don’t like this trope in this particular genre, but Freitas does it flawlessly, so much so that I’m not even sure who I want Skylar to end up dating in the end! Though Skylar and Rain are estranged at the beginning of this book for understandable reasons, I still have a soft spot for Rain, especially now that I get direct access to his thoughts and feelings. However, because of the way Kit is introduced and the manner in which Freitas builds his character, he increasingly grows on me throughout the story. I love how subtly Freitas slips in minor details and moments that keep the possibility of either Kit or Rain alive up to and through the last page.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed THE BODY MARKET. Freitas really upped the ante with this sequel and I cannot wait to read the final installment of the series, THE MIND VIRUS. It’s rare that a series gets better the longer it goes, but with this book, Freitas has proven that she’s an anomaly, who will continue to carve out her own space in the publishing world.

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