The Edge of Forever

The Edge of Forever
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June 02, 2015
In 2013, sixteen-year-old Alora is having blackouts. Each time she wakes up in a different place with no idea how she got there. The one thing she is certain of? Someone is following her.

In 2146, seventeen-year-old Bridger is one of a small number of people born with the ability to travel to the past. While on a routine school time trip, he sees the last person he expected—his dead father. The strangest part is that, according to the Department of Temporal Affairs, his father was never assigned to be in that time. Bridger’s even more stunned when he learns that his by-the-book father was there to break the most important rule of time travel—to prevent someone’s murder.

And that someone is named Alora.

Determined to discover why his father wanted to help a “ghost,” Bridger illegally shifts to 2013 and, along with Alora, races to solve the mystery surrounding her past and her connection to his father before the DTA finds him. If he can stop Alora’s death without altering the timeline, maybe he can save his father too.

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The Edge of Forever
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THE EDGE OF FOREVER by Melissa E. Hurst is the first book of a duology set in 2146. It’s a YA sci-fi novel that involves time travel, suspense, mystery, murder, and romance. The inciting incident occurs when Bridger is on a mission for school and sees his father, who’s supposed to be dead. His dad wants him to save Alora, but Bridger has no idea who this girl is and he doesn’t get the chance to ask. Bridger quickly realizes that in order to fulfill his dad’s wishes, he’ll have to break every rule in the book. Even if he can prevent Alora’s impending death, he’ll be public enemy number one. He must decide if it’s worth the risk, and if so, how can he pull it off with such odds stacked against him.

This novel takes off at a galloping pace and never slows down for the entirety of the story. Hurst ends every single chapter with a cliffhanger that makes it imperative to keep reading. There are so many twists and turns, some expected and some surprising. I was constantly on the edge of my seat and needed to find out what would happen next.

I absolutely loved the characters from both time periods and enjoyed how mixed in with this futuristic world, there was also Alora’s relatable life in 2013. Interestingly enough, the treatment of women in her sections is very topical and she sets a great example for young girls everywhere in recognizing red flags and knowing your worth. My only criticism is that every now and then, the time travel rules do get confusing, but I decided to just go with it for the ride.

As a huge fan of this genre, THE EDGE OF FOREVER is my favorite science fiction novel since DIVERGENT. I am so excited to read the next book in this series, ON THROUGH THE NEVER, and to uncover not only what’s next for these characters, but to have some of the major questions answered. THE EDGE OF FOREVER is a fast-paced, heart-pumping read, and absolutely impossible to put down.
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