Stolen Kisses

Stolen Kisses
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January 25, 2017
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“The minute I stop annoying you is the minute hell freezes over.”

How do you solve a problem like Seth Lee?

Simple. Create a list of rules and stick to it as if your life’s survival and happiness depend on it.

For seventeen-year- old Ella Perry, the only thing bigger than her obsession for Nuttela brownies and sushi is her lip balm collection, and if something happened to it, she would not survive. And when attractive Seth Lee decides to steal her most precious collection –all hell breaks loose.

A rebel with a good sense of humor, Seth Lee is every girl’s manic pixie dream boy. And nothing gives him more pleasure and delight than pestering his best friend’s sister, Ella.

With Seth’s warm and funny personality, Ella soon sees him past the smirks, chuckles, and well-groomed hair.

Their story is the picture-perfect high school romance, except for one tiny problem: Seth Lee has a troubled past. Tangled in his own family’s dark secrets and trapped in a prison of his own making, he must do everything he can to keep the only girl he ever cared for safe—even if protecting her means breaking her heart.

Will Ella ever get her stolen lip balms back or will Seth steal her heart as well?

This new young adult book is for everyone who’s looking for a light hearted read. Smile and be surprised at every turn of the page. Bring back bittersweet memories of your first love and grab a copy now.

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