Shouldn't Have Asked

Shouldn't Have Asked
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October 13, 2016
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Romantic. Funny. And humiliating moments you shouldn't miss.

You were money in my eyes, Damien. Nothing more. How can that be amusing to you?

Angel Mohr sold for a staggering price!

Not that she has any experience in that department…

Princeton University straight-A student, Angel Mohr has her back against the wall. In between her dad’s sky-high hospital bills, her pricey university fees, and the creditors hot on her feet, she’s like a cornered animal frantically clawing for an escape. And you know what they say about desperate people.

With nothing else to do, she’s forced to strike a deal with the high and mighty college playboy, Damien Etheridge. With his looks, body, and sexual appetite like that of a Greek god, filthy rich kid Damien would be the perfect client.

Funny how a single question can change your entire life.

When Damien uses his power to control her life, her future, and her family… Angel is left regretting that one thing she shouldn’t have asked.

Will she ever get herself to do the deed? Can a stuck-up playboy open his heart to love? Will their moments of sexual tension turn into something deeper?

Up for a billionaire new adult romance to turn your insides into mush with a little steamy twist? Here’s a college love story you shouldn’t miss.

Warning: This book contains bad boys, humor and a cliffhanger that'll leave you at the end of your seat!

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