Soul Watch

Soul Watch
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January 04, 2017
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“If forever was a place and time was just a measurement of space, then I knew I wanted my forever to be right here.”

As they say, only time can tell when one will fall in love.

And such is true in the world where Pandora lives in, literally. People are now born with soul watches, an embedded timepiece that counts the seconds until one meets his or her soul mate.

There is only one problem — Pandora was born with hers exactly 0000:00:00, the first in history.

For a long time, she lived coping with the reality that she will never find her one true love. She tries her best to make sense of her empty soul watch and defend herself from people who call her “jinx” and “bad omen.”

Everything takes a detour when her best friend, Crysta, found her soul mate. Suddenly, the truth about her situation starts to reveal itself.

Now, Pandora has to let her guard down and accept the reality. And she needs to ready herself for the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it.

What would Pandora find out about herself and her soul mate? Will she continue to deny herself of her desires in fear of being hopeful of something she has long accepted doesn’t exist? Will she still find her happily ever after?

Fall in love with the story and join Pandora in her journey towards finding her soul mate. You are in for one beautiful and emotional ride. Grab your copy now!

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