Downright Delinquents

Downright Delinquents
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November 10, 2015
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My perfect life had come crashing down, and I still hadn’t picked up the pieces. Which was why I was here.

Hayley had it all: a modeling sideline, a supportive best friend, a cool clique, and a gorgeous boy wrapped around her finger.

That was until the night she witnessed her father’s murder.

The newly orphaned Hayley sought to numb the pain of her loss through partying, drinking, and hooking up. Her delinquent behavior eventually led to her admission to the infamous Downright High. There, in the prison-like boarding school for rebellious and problematic teens, she would find Colin.

But Colin was no ordinary Prince Charming though he looked like one. He was arrogant and aloof, as he too came from a dark past that haunted him until then.

Will Hayley and Colin break through the walls they had set up to protect themselves? Will they finally defeat the ghosts of their pasts together?

Or will they be each other’s demise?

In this gripping young adult novel with equal parts action and romance, you will find yourself navigating through the heartbreak and the madness stalking the Battle Royale–esque halls of Downright High. Grab a copy now!

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