Nerd of the Year

Nerd of the Year
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August 16, 2016
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“I love you, Easton. You are not dumb, but frankly, I am way better than you.”

What is a nerd? Someone who loves books for leisure? Someone who wears oversized glasses? Someone who is a loner?

Maybe… maybe not.

Meet Neveah Gail Huber, proud nerd of Alger High School. Don’t let her title fool you. She is fierce, bold, outspoken, and competitive AF with a whole ton of ego to spare. She is alone by choice. If you lack brains, she won’t look at you.

Meet Easton Eugene Dale, almighty jerk of the school and resident heartthrob. He and his jock squad rule the school corridors by day and the woods by night. Breed to be the next alpha of his werewolf pack, he gets what he wants whenever he wants. Everyone loves him, but he loves none.

Neveah had it all planned out— impress the teachers with her superior intelligence, graduate on top of the class, and whip Easton and company’s bums. She wants everything to be orderly and logical that way, but destiny seems to have other ideas.

What will happen when the fates pair them together? Will little miss witty be as sharp when her “reality” bubble bursts, and she is thrown into the world of the unexplainable? Will this human and werewolf pair hit it off despite a not-so-good past?

Nerd gets a brand-new definition in Supraja I.R.’s hot new book, Nerd of the Year. This is not your usual teenage high school romance. See for yourself. Grab a copy now!

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