Fighting Blind

Fighting Blind
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March 25, 2017
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“You never truly value something until you’ve lost it.”

Kei Valancia is a feisty young werewolf and a master fighter. She has traveled to places and has trained weak packs to fight rogue attacks. Now, she’s in the Red Moon Pack to help them prepare for the war looming on their borders. A girl and a newcomer, her arrival is met with raised eyebrows. Yet, Kei has some secrets that nobody knows.

Ryker Dare, the Alpha King, has lived for years, has seen many wars and has spilled blood with his own hands. Yet, out of all those, he is still yet to meet his mate. Upon knowing the attacks on his neighboring packs, he takes the opportunity to help them ward off enemies. Lo and behold, he meets Kei Valancia.

Both of them will be in a lot of surprises, as the two of them get closer. Kei will meet the person that will challenge her every move, and Ryker will learn a new word: No! But both of them know that they are both stuck together through thick and thin. And with a fight just around the corner, they have nothing but to trust each other and open up their harbored feelings.
Who is Kei Valancia, a girl from out of nowhere? What happens when Ryker meets Kei? And how will the secret affect the blooming relationship between them?

Are you ready for a story that is one revelation after another? This E. Marie’s story is a recommended read. Grab this werewolf story about a fighter and winning over circumstances.

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