The Awakening of Sunshine Girl (The Haunting of Sunshine Girl #2)

The Awakening of Sunshine Girl
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March 01, 2016
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Sunshine Griffith can communicate with ghosts. Even more amazing, she recently discovered—with the help of her would-be boyfriend, Nolan—that she’s a luiseach, one of an ancient race of creatures who have lived among humans for centuries, protecting them from dark spirits and helping them move on to the afterlife. Now, Sunshine’s powers are awakening and she feels spirits everywhere—intense and sometimes overwhelming. Eager to get her supernatural abilities under control, Sunshine agrees to begin training with her mentor, her estranged father Aidan. He takes her to an abandoned compound deep in the Mexican jungle. But what she learns there about her powers, and her family history, turns out to be more terrifying than Sunshine could have imagined. Can anything—Aidan’s experiments, her friendship with another luiseach named Lucio, even Nolan’s research—prepare Sunshine to face the frightening woman who haunts her dreams, and to finally learn the truth about the rift that threatens the future of the luiseach and all of humankind? The stakes grow ever higher in this sequel to The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, revealing that Sunshine has to protect more than her own friends and family—she may be the key to saving the entire human race.

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A Thrilling Sequel You Have to Read!
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The Awakening of Sunshine girl is the thrilling sequel to The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. Sunshine has now accepted what she is and her mentor has finally revealed himself only to take her to Mexico to a training facility. Not only does Sunshine learn how to properly use her powers, she discovers things she never knew she could do as well as bonds with other people. Adventurous and mysterious, this second installment will keep you on your toes.

Sunshine is more confident in herself as the book continues. She not only stands up to people, she admits things to herself that she didn't want to admit before. The majority of this book is her training in Mexico, but even so she never stops thinking about the people she cares about, the ghosts she can help move on, and the darkness she has to defeat. The darkness is a mystery and it played Sunshine right to the end. Sunshine's growth constantly plays throughout the novel. Each time there is a situation she couldn't handle before, she now knows how to handle and learns more from it. She is humble, accepting, and though she makes mistakes she truly does care about saving the world. We see so much of her strength in this sequel, and it is lovely.

Nolan isn't in this book that much. After a falling out with Sunshine, he sticks to himself until trouble finds him. He is still intelligent and he enjoys research, but he also craves human contact with those who understand him. With Sunshine gone, a new friend comes along and brings about trouble. He cares about Sunshine and such is evident as he struggles along to find her and get her answers despite a fight right before she left for Mexico. Their connection is deep and unbreakable, but definitely has to go through some trials.

The writing is lovely. Everything flows and it reads quickly. Rich in world building and full of characters you can't help but love, you'll find you can't get enough of the story!

Overall, this is an intriguing installment to the series and it seems it will only get better from here.
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