Iceling (Icelings #1)

Iceling (Icelings #1)
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December 13, 2016
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Sasha Stephenson's intriguing debut is a combination road trip story and sci-fi adventure about the strange, strong bond between two sisters. Fans of Under the Never Sky and The Darkest Minds will devour ICELING, the first book in a new and utterly original sci-fi series. Seventeen-year-old Lorna loves her adoptive sister, Callie. But Callie can't say "I love you" back. In fact, Callie can't say anything at all. Because Callie is an Iceling--one of hundreds of teens who were discovered sixteen years ago on a remote Arctic island, all of them lacking the ability to speak or understand any known human language. Mysterious and panicked events lead to the two sisters embarking on a journey to the north, and now Lorna starts to see that there's a lot more to Callie's origin story than she'd been led to believe. Little does she know what's in store, and that she's about to uncover the terrifying secret about who--and what--Callie really is.

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This was a quirky fast paced, read. To truly enjoy Iceling, the reader has to suspend some of their thoughts on reality. Once you are able, it is something that can hook you quickly and explores the concept of family and friendship in a whole new way.
One thing that makes Iceling stand apart from other novels coming out this year is that it is hard to put a label or genre to it. In some ways it feels contemporary, in others more science-fiction. This multi-genre novel does keep this reader intrigue. With so many questions left, I am looking forward to the next book.
What I liked best:
The relationship between Lorna and Callie seems so sincere and it truly is a beautiful relationship with all the fun, laughs, tears, and frustrations that come with having siblings.
While being a story more about the travel or journey it is great to also have moments of action. There are some slower, character focused points in the novel, but the suspense Stephenson is able to weave throughout the novel is fantastic. She is able to create an almost perfect balance between speeding up the plot movement to tapping the breaks a little to allow the reader to breathe.
Iceling #1 does leave the reader with a few questions, but that’s what makes me what to pick up book #2. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
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