Thief's Cunning

Thief's Cunning
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June 13, 2017

Allegra Saldana has always had to look over her shoulder. As the niece of the infamous assassin Lea Saldana, Allegra is used to hiding from people who want her dead. Once the strongest clipper family in the Kingdom of Lovero, the Saldanas—or what’s left of them—are now the most hunted. Their number one enemy is the Da Vias, whose thirst for retaliation is almost two decades in the making. At least that’s what Lea has told Allegra her whole life, but lately Allegra’s been feeling like things are being kept from her—including her parents’ identity. So when Allegra finally learns the truth—I’m a Da Via—her world crumbles. Feeling betrayed by the people she trusted the most, Allegra turns to Nev, a Traveler boy whose presence makes her feel alive in ways she’s only dreamed of. But getting caught up in Nev’s world has consequences Allegra never saw coming. In this dark and enthralling fantasy that fans of Sarah Maas and Leigh Bardugo will devour, one girl must decide whether she’s destined to pay for the wrongs of her family’s past…or if the future is hers for the taking.

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I don't even know where to begin with this one because it draws out every emotion there is. There's love, sadness, pain, action, passion, betrayal-you name it.

In THIEF'S CUNNING, Allegra struggles to find who she is because she doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere. Her father was killed while she was a baby. Her mother was killed at childbirth, so Lea Saldana raises her from birth. But Lea's hiding secrets and they can't remain hidden forever, especially when Allegra is so persistent and stubborn when it comes to finding the answers.

In the process, Allegra discovers Nev, a traveler who she has an instant attraction too. When the other travelers see Allegra's necklace, they decide to take her because that necklace isn't just some piece of jewelry. It is so much more. And my sweet, sweet Nev pulled at every heartstring I have.

I couldn't put this book down. I didn't read the first one and I think it's okay to read them out of order, but it definitely makes me want to go back and read Lea's story!

Final Verdict: I'm looking forward to more from this author. I would recommend this book to fans of teen assassins and finding your place. It was well-written and teaches that love can lead you to finding who you are and where you belong.
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