Prez Vol. 1

Prez Vol. 1
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February 09, 2016
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America’s first teenaged president is on the job in this contemporary twist on a DC classic!

Oregon teen Beth Ross has just been elected President of the United States of America. Age restrictions were abolished when corporations gained the right to run for office and voting booths have been replaced by Twitter, making just about anyone eligible for the nation’s top job, including the viral-video-famous Corndog Girl!

Now the eyes of the nation are on Beth. But in a world so out of control that the poor are willing to shoot themselves on TV for a chance at a better life, will even the new president have the power needed to overthrow the nation’s true leaders—Boss Smiley and his corporate shadow government?

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In this future, the American people choose presidents on Twitter. After they are dissatisfied with two candidates, they end up choosing Oregon teen Beth Ross. In this world the poor will shoot themselves on live TV in order to win money, big corporations take over things like vaccines in order to make big money, and mostly everything is out of control. Can Beth do what seasoned politicians couldn't?

What worked: This graphic novel is totally tongue in cheek hit on the current presidential campaign. Only set the scene in a future world where reality TV has taken a whole different meaning.

Beth is similar to one of those YouTube sensations only in this case she finds out that she's elected to be president of the US. Her no nonsense approach to the countries problems-like a cat flu that is killing thousands of citizen-is only one problem she has to face. Her own father died of the virus. She also has to prove that she's not a ditsy teen but can actually try to do some good for her country.

I liked Beth's determination and refusal to be bought. Her ideas like trying to apologize for some terrible acts the US had done might seem naive but it's also refreshing to see someone have the courage to stand up and admit that yes, things might not have been done right.

In this world there also is a faceless evil corporation that controls the pharmaceuticals including a must needed vaccine to help against the cat flu. I couldn't help but feel this one a shout out to a recent incident in which a CEO purchased a little known HIV drug and upped the price over 5000%. There's also shouts out to some other current political candidates and even an extreme way the government handles wars.

Rapier wit is woven throughout this graphic novel. Some is biting and others show how desensitized some people are to using drones in war. The bottom line is some will do just about anything for money.

Biting tale with a new heroine in a future that might not be too far off for us.

Good Points
1. Tongue in cheek look at a future where US presidential elections are held on Twitter and anyone can be president
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