The Forgetting

The Forgetting
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September 13, 2016
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What isn't written, isn't remembered. Even your crimes. Nadia lives in the city of Canaan, where life is safe and structured, hemmed in by white stone walls and no memory of what came before. But every twelve years the city descends into the bloody chaos of the Forgetting, a day of no remorse, when each person's memories -- of parents, children, love, life, and self -- are lost. Unless they have been written. In Canaan, your book is your truth and your identity, and Nadia knows exactly who hasn't written the truth. Because Nadia is the only person in Canaan who has never forgotten. But when Nadia begins to use her memories to solve the mysteries of Canaan, she discovers truths about herself and Gray, the handsome glassblower, that will change her world forever. As the anarchy of the Forgetting approaches, Nadia and Gray must stop an unseen enemy that threatens both their city and their own existence - before the people can forget the truth. And before Gray can forget her.

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The Forgetting
(Updated: August 03, 2016)
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What worked: Intriguing premise of a place where memories are erased every twelve years and the only thing that helps you remember is the book you carry. Without that book? You become one of the 'Lost'.

First off, I was totally engaged in this dystopian novel. Seventeen-year-old Nadia is different than others in her town of Canaan. While others have 'forgotten' what happened at the last 'Forgetting', she remembers. Cameron does an excellent job showing readers a teen who isn't passive on her questions on what really happened at the last Forgetting which include her father no longer being a part of their lives. She's driven to leave their town to go over to the forbidden area. She basically tries to figure out the truth while still staying under the radar of the town's leaders. If she's caught? She'll be flogged or worse.

There is so much to love about this novel. The whole premise is intriguing and also hints at how far some will go to in order to have complete control. The world is similar to other dystopian novels but there's a wicked twist that I didn't see coming. Love when that happens!

There's hints that not is all idyllic in Canaan. Nadia's own mother doesn't remember her. Her sister Liliya is not subtle on her own feelings to the point that she wants Nadia to leave their home. Add to that some others things that don't add up. All this fuels her desire to find the truth.

There is also hint of a romance that starts out really slow. Gray is the glassblower's son who confronts Nadia after he catches her returning from one of her secretive missions. She doesn't trust him at first but bit by bit he reveals his own questions.

Fascinating glimpse into a world where 'Forgetting' comes every twelve years and the teen who refuses to stay passive on her search for the truth.
Good Points
1. Love the twist! Didn't see it coming!
2. Intriguing premise of a place where you 'forget' everything and only a 'book' can remind you of who you were
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