Children of Icarus

Children of Icarus
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August 01, 2016
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Daedelum's children pray for the honor of being chosen to enter the labyrinth, guarded by angels, and the chance to ascend - like Icarus himself - to paradise. But you've read this kind of book before. You know without being told that traveling the labyrinth will not be the honor it's promised to be. You know there will be danger, that there will be a fight for survival. But you'll never expect, can't expect, what the heroine finds as she travels deeper into the labyrinth, where there are angels - but they are not guardians. With echoes of James Dashner and Suzanne Collins, Caighlan Smith has built an unexpected and startling world in this utterly addictive book. You won't be able to put it down.

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A unique dystopian adventure
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Finally chosen to enter the labyrinth, a 16 year-old girl and her best friend Clara are expecting welcoming angels to guide them through the maze toward salvation. What they find is terror, violence, and a society of young people struggling to survive. When Clara doesn't make it past the first day, the protagonist takes her best friend's name and does her best to get to the bottom of the secrets of the labyrinth.

With a slow start, CHILDREN OF ICARUS may leave some readers wanting more. However, if they stick around for a few chapters they'll be surprised by the secrets of the labyrinth - monsters, murder, and madness are waiting for the young people who expect paradise. Clara joins the survivors and tries to figure out where she fits in with the large group of teens in the encampment. Unfortunately, there are many teens there and they are not very unique, making it hard to differentiate between them and remember who the individual secondary characters are.

While it starts out with a bang once Clara enters the labyrinth, CHILDREN OF ICARUS quickly becomes a complicated mess of uninteresting characters, slow descriptions of labyrinth explorations, and occasional secretive revelations. Recommended for those looking for a dystopia about faith and religion, or those who really loved THE MAZE RUNNER.
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