Snow Bunny (Chonicles of a Wererabbit #2)

Snow Bunny (Chonicles of a Wererabbit #2)
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March 22, 2016
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In book two of Chronicles of a Wererabbit, Snow Everly continues her journey to becoming a hero.
Snow was born a rabbit and believes that her destiny was to die in a cold laboratory. Then one winter night, a vampire named John rescues her. He names her Snowball and has no idea that she is no ordinary rabbit. When Snow turns three years old, she gains the ability to shift into a girl.
Now fourteen, she has just rescued a werewolf from scientists who have been experimenting with a terrible serum which takes away the ability to shift.
Follow Snow on her journey as she searches for answers to what the scientists want, and to why she was created. Her dream is to become a hero and —above all else — she wants to be accepted for who she is, a wererabbit.

Things got scary when we brought Josh home. If my early years were like a Disney movie, my teenage years could best be described as an original Grimm fairy tale. It started with the nightmares we had to wake Josh up from when he began screaming in the dark...

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