Infinity Lost

Infinity Lost
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November 01, 2015
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In the near future, one corporation, Blackstone Technologies, has changed the world: no disasters, no poverty, and life-altering technology. Blackstone has the impunity to destroy—or create—as it sees fit. Infinity “Finn” Blackstone is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Blackstone’s reclusive CEO—but she’s never even met him. When disturbing dreams about a past she doesn’t remember begin to torment her, Finn knows there’s only one person who can provide answers: her father. After Finn and an elite group of peers are invited to Blackstone’s top-secret HQ, Finn realizes she may have a chance to confront her father. But when a highly sophisticated company AI morphs into a killing machine, the trip descends into chaos. Trapped inside shape-shifting walls, Finn and her friends are at the mercy of an all-seeing intelligence that will destroy everything to get to her. With no hope of help, Finn’s dream-memories may be the only chance of survival. But will she remember in time to save her own life and the lives of those around her?

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In this book, most everything is made and owned Blackstone Technologies. It would be if Google or Apple owned and controlled everything including the weather. Infinity is the daughter of the reclusive man who owns Blackstone. Although she was home schooled for most of her early childhood, she knows very little about her father, and barely even saw him. As a teenager she is finally allowed out to attend boarding school where no one knows who she is, except best friend. Recently she has been having these dreams, almost like memories, that she just can’t seem to figure out. One thing she knows for sure- something just isn’t right and the pieces of her memories just are adding up.

What I liked best: S. Harrison does a fantastic job world building. The setting feels unsettling but familiar at the same time. (How many people couldn’t go a day without their cell phone or computer?) Harrison does a good of job keeping the reader engaged. By mid- book the action hits a high point and it doesn’t stop. There is a lot of violent, and sometimes gory descriptions in the book. This may make it a page turner for some and might not be for all readers. But the action is comparable to current movies and TV shows. The story has been described as Jason Bourne meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is pretty accurate. I am interested in seeing where the rest of the trilogy goes.

What left me wanting: It is the first book in the trilogy so there are a lot of unanswered questions. You don’t get to know too much about Infinity as a person right off the bat. While this can sometimes prevent readers from getting invested, I liked the way, as a reader, the mystery unfolded and pieces about Infinity were revealed as she was trying to discover herself.

If you are looking for high action and a little intrigue, Infinity Lost is a good debut novel to start. Solid and entertaining, it will definitely keep you turning pages.
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