The Girl with the Wrong Name

The Girl with the Wrong Name
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November 03, 2015
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Seventeen-year-old Theo Lane has been hiding half of her face from the public ever since “The Night In Question,” a night that left her with a long, disfiguring scar, an unquiet mind, and no memory of what happened. An aspiring documentary maker, she uses her camera to keep the world at a safe distance, shooting hours of secret footage with a hidden button cam on her jacket collar. But when Andy Reese, a forlorn and mysterious “Lost Boy,” wanders into her frame, he becomes the unknowing star of her latest project. Her unhealthy obsession with him tears her from that sheltered life behind the camera, pulling her into a perilous, mind-bending journey through Andy’s world. But is it really Andy’s world she’s investigating? Or is it her own?

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Will appeal to mystery fans who like a twist.
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Two months ago, on "The Night In Question" something horrible happened to Theo Lane, leaving her with a long jagged scar down the side of her face. No one seems to talk about it and even Theo doesn't seem to know what happened. Having distanced herself from her friends, Theo begins obsessing over a mysterious boy at a coffee shop, the subject of her new project. Breaking the first rule of documentary film making, she involves herself in her subject matter when she is unable to ignore Andy's sadness any longer. The two set out to find the mysterious Sarah, the love of Andy's life who never showed up to meet him. As locating her becomes more and more difficult, Theo and Andy fear that something terrible may have happened and as the coincidences between Sarah and Theo's life compound, she begins to fear that she may be more involved than she ever expected.

I was really surprised how many twists there were in this novel. It was slow going at first, and I actually contemplated tossing it on the DNF pile as it seemed to be just another "search for the elusive 'perfect' girl leads boy to see what was right in front of him all along" story. However, I'm very glad I didn't as this is definitely NOT that kind of story. As more and more secrets are revealed we find that there is something far more sinister going on here and Theo is smack in the middle of it. Along with her, we question what we are seeing and what the truth really is. This leads to a very suspenseful and exciting conclusion and while some plot twists were easy to ascertain, it also held some genuine surprises.
One place where this novel fell off was in characterization. Theo was defined almost solely by The Night In Question and, by the end, there was a real question about how much of her personality was her own and how much was borrowed from somebody else. Andy was harder to pin down. At times he seemed like a typical lovesick teenager and at other times he became something darker, and more sinister. The minor cast featured Theo's mother, stepfather, and her friends Lou and Max. They were less interesting and mostly served as Theo's sounding board.

Bottom Line: The Girl With The Wrong Name is a suspenseful thriller that will appeal to any mystery fan.
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