Stalking Los Angeles

Stalking Los Angeles
Age Range
Release Date
October 16, 2015
Reggie is tormented by his domineering father to shed the old Indian ways. Forced to leave his country home, he hates the city and his new school, where he is attacked by Kevin, the racist beast on campus. He falls hard for his first girl who can love him in only one way. Reggie goes on a vision quest to reconnect with his Cochimi tribal ancestors –to discover his supernatural ‘power animal’ that will guide him into manhood. At the same time, a young cougar enters the megalopolis in search of a mate, but is attacked by the dominant male of his species. Reggie’s vision quest spirals out of control –hallucinating he is a half-human, half-animal, capable of killing. He now must face Kevin, confront his father and challenge the stalking cougar, in order to win over a new girl who could love him completely.

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