Tell the Story to Its End

Tell the Story to Its End
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October 20, 2015
People are keeping secrets from Oli. His mum has brought him to stay with his aunt and uncle in the countryside, far away from all his friends, but nobody will tell him why his dad isn't there, too. Why hasn't he come with them? Has something happened? Why won't anyone talk about it? And why won't they leave the television or the radio on for more than a minute? Oli has a hundred questions and only an old, empty house in the middle of an ancient forest for answers. But then he finds a secret of his own: there is a creature that lives in the attic... Eren is not human. Eren is hungry. Eren has been waiting for him. With Eren to listen, Oli starts to make sense of what's happening. But Eren is powerful, and though he's willing to help Oli, he's not willing to do it for free; he wants something in return. Oli must make a choice: he can learn the truth-but he must abandon himself to Eren's world, forever. Reminiscent of SKELLIG by David Almond and A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness, TELL THE STORY TO ITS END is richly atmospheric, moving, unsettling, and told in gorgeous prose. A modern classic in the making.

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