Taking Aim

Taking Aim
Powerful, riveting, and real. Sixteen celebrated authors bring us raw, insightful stories that explore guns and teens in a fiction collection that is thought provoking and emotionally gripping. For fans of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and Give a Boy a Gun, and with an array of YA talent like the late great Walter Dean Myers, the poetic Joyce Carol Oates, the prophetic Elizabeth Wein, and the gritty Chris Crutcher, these are evocative voices that each has a different perspective to give. Capturing the hurt and the healing, victims and perpetrators, these stories get to the heart of the matter. From a boy whose low self-esteem is impacted when a gun comes into his possession to a student recalling a senseless tragedy that befell a favorite teacher, from a realistic look at hunting to a provocative look at a family that defies stereotypes, each emotional story stirs the debate to new levels. The juxtaposition of guns and their consequences offers moving tales, each a reminder of how crucial the question of guns in our society is, and the impact they have on all of us. Other acclaimed contributors are Marc Aronson, Edward Averett, Francesca Lia Block, Alex Flinn, Gregory Galloway, Jenny Hubbard, Peter Johnson, Ron Koertge, Chris Lynch, Eric Shanower, Will Weaver, and Tim Wynne-Jones.

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Taing Aim
(Updated: January 05, 2016)
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The topic of guns is a sore point for more than a few. Some want stricter gun laws while other shout that they have the right to owe a gun based on their Second Amendment right. Either way, guns have made and will probably continue to make national headlines. TAKING AIM-- POWER AND PAIN, TEENS AND GUNS is a thought provoking collection of short stories by sixteen authors. The stories are heartbreaking, intense, gripping, and don't hold back.

This collection stayed with me. Each author addresses guns in their own way which is guarantee to resonate with readers.

Some of my favorites include:

ROACH by Walter Dean Myers is very powerful glimpse into a teen in the inner city and an encounter that has deadly consequences.

THE DRAGON by Francesca Lia Block resonated with me as I'm a former first grade teacher that lost a younger sister to gun violence. In this short tale, a kindergarten teacher comes face to face with a gunman who threatens to kill her and her whole class. How she deals with the gunman is very haunting and powerful.

THE BABYSITTERS by Jenny Hubbard is very haunting short of a memory of a dog left behind by a victim of gun violence. I was teary eyed after reading.

HEARTBREAK by Joyce Carol Oates shows the deadly consequences of playing around with a gun.

DARK HOBBY by Edward Averett is a disturbing tale of the one who does pull that trigger.

THE GUNSLINGER by Peter Johnson shows the choice a victim makes after she's raped.

Raw, intense, and thought provoking, each of these stories explores gun culture and it's impact on the lives of teens. Perfect for class discussion regarding guns, especially with recent headlines.
Good Points
1. Great collection of short stories that address guns
2. Heartbreaking. Intense. Thought provoking.
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