Her Cold Revenge (Wanted #2)

Her Cold Revenge (Wanted #2)
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August 01, 2015
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The second book in the gripping Wanted series, this Western revenge epic is a must-read for teen readers who are fans of relentless action, wild horses and heart-wrenching romance. Grace Milton has only one goal: bring to justice the Guiltless Gang, the outlaws who slaughtered her parents and siblings. That’s why she had to abandoned Joe and her Apache friends. She couldn’t afford any distractions. Now, she’s on her own making her living in Arizona as one of the only female bounty hunters in the Wild West, despite the doubts and protests of others. But when Joe shows up in town, Grace is torn. Feelings she thought she had left behind are rekindled, and the passion threatens to pull her away from her mission. But soon rumors surface that two members of the Guiltless Gang are nearby, planning a daring train robbery, and now Grace is faced with an impossible choice. Will she stay with Joe and forget her vendetta, or risk everything – her love, her life – to fulfill her all-consuming need for vengeance?

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HER COLD REVENGE picks up where Grace left off. She's alone and living in the attic of a saloon where her very life could be threatened. From the very start, Grace fends off an attack by a drunkard. Johnson doesn't pull any punches in showing the life a young girl faces in the Wild West.

Things I loved:
Grace is now a bounty hunter. Or, she's trying to be. I was really frustrated with the way she was treated by men in the novel. Though, this is expected from the time period. She needs a bounty to survive but is left chasing after the outlaws that the law has no time for: like a serial rapist. Johnson does a great job at handling this subject and situation. She doesn't victimize Grace and gives her the skill to survive and capture what could have been an attack. Johnson gives Grace a boldness and freedom that other women aren't allowed.

Still hell-bent on revenge against the men who murdered her family, the novel is a progression of Grace's captures. Her first bounty is stolen by a team of brothers, but she bounces right back. Each capture gives her the drive and knowledge that she's on the right path. Justice and revenge can be easily confused. Living through the violent murder of your family isn't something that goes away easily, despite having the support of others like Joe and the preacher. They implore Grace not to lose her heart in her quest for revenge. While she does listen to them, she knows she has to be true to herself.

Another thing I loved was Grace's relationship with a young girl from town. Johnson's inclusion of female friendships is important, especially in a world where women are literally told "I don't take orders from women." While Grace's attitude is very modern for the setting, it's incredibly refreshing to have a heroine who is confident enough to know that she's earned her place in the world.

Grace's relationship with Joe is still developing and I'm hoping to see much more of it in book three. There are some steamy kisses, and I'm still rooting for them.

Things that left me wanting:
Not much. The Ndeh tribe scenes seemed a little out of place in the middle of so much action. I did miss Sequoyah's friendship with Grace and hope to see more of them in book three.

Her Cold Revenge is a fast-paced and solid sequel. Gun slinging outlaws, sandstorms, romance, and train robberies make this a thrill ride. Most importantly is the heart of the novel: a heroine who refuses to stand down against a society that sees women as defenseless, Grace is the Katniss of the Wild West.
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