The Rules

The Rules
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June 23, 2015
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Narrated by an alternating unreliable group of teens, this dark thriller will have readers on the edge of their seats. No one is safe and everyone is a suspect. It’s Saw meets I Know What You Did Last Summer. Junior Robin Brisset has no idea what she’s in for when she accepts an invitation to one of Callabrese High’s most exclusive parties. And when the trademark scavenger hunt begins, Robin must go against every rule she’s lived by to survive.

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The Rules
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For a small town, Callabrese High has a lot of secrets. When Junior Robin Brisset accepts an invitation to go to an exclusive party, she doesn't know how far someone would go to exact revenge. This is a case of bullying to the extreme that has deadly consequences.

What worked: This is one fast-paced adrenaline ride which starts off at an exclusive party and ends up becoming a very bloody ride where you don't know who to trust or believe.

I love a good horror tale and this one didn't let me down. At first, I thought, it was so obvious who the killer was but I was so wrong! There's lots of twists and turns throughout including teasers on who the shadowy murderer might be.

I found myself speeding through this story, curious to find out who might survive the night!

This novel does have a lot of different points of view. Readers are able to feel and see the horror as it happens to each character. I found at times though that was almost too much for me. I think it would have helped the pacing of an otherwise engaging read if there were not as many different points of view.

Also because of that? It was hard to really connect with any of the characters. I did find Robin the strongest and was able to connect with her and Kyle, a possible love interest. Some of the other characters were a tad bit whiny and hard to really like. But then again the people invited to this party weren't exactly 'nice' people either. And each one of them had a secret. A secret that someone would kill them over.

The story builds to a very suspenseful climax and a reveal that totally took me off guard!

A bloody twist on the game CLUE with a huge helping of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Tons of twists and turns that leave readers second guessing on who the killer might be. THE RULES is sure to appeal to horror fans.
Good Points
1. Fast-paced adrenaline horror ride
2. Tons of twists and turns that leave readers second guessing who the killer might be
3. Spellbinding climax that has you go, "OMG".
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