The Death Code (The Murder Complex #2)

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May 26, 2015
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With short, fast-paced, alternating point-of-view chapters, The Death Code starts several weeks after The Murder Complex ends. Zephyr keeps the secret about Meadow close—that if she dies, The Murder Complex will be destroyed, too. Meadow, desperate to find her brother, father, and little sister, is determined to fight fearlessly to the end, even if it means sacrificing herself and her friends, new and old. The Death Code introduces a memorable cast of secondary characters and delivers a vivid and scary thrill ride read. For fans of La Femme Nikita, Legend, and Hanna.

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Even Better Than the First!
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Perfectly paced, and well written, The Death Code surpasses The Murder Complex. The Death Code moves at a fast pace and it kept this reader on the edge of her seat. The chapters are short which help make the plot move along as the narration changes between Meadow and Zephyr. The dual narration brilliantly crafts a high sense of suspense while further developing the characters. This story is filled with action -packed fight scenes making it an easy book to just devour!

What I like best was the character development. Even though the majority of the world is full of killing monsters, they still have light in their hearts. They still have something to make them smile. Something that makes them keep going. In The Death Code, Zephyr truly discovers himself and turns into a strong leader. Meanwhile Meadow, strong from the start, is pushed to the limits as loyalties are tests and she begins to question who she really is and what she represents. The internal struggles of both characters is strong and it is interesting to see how each character handles their fears and doubts differently.

Lindsay Cummings is brilliant at world building. I liked how she builds the word by breaking down the different layers of the setting into the three sections of the book. It helps give the feeling that I was moving through the different settings with the characters. It was great to see the world of The Murder Complex in more detail and even get a chance to see what might be beyond.

Overall, The Death Code is a brilliant, action packed read! Compared to the Murder Complex it is a little more violent and graphic in parts, but this helps build the tension and suspense of the story.

Lindsay Cummings has created a terrific blood-filled, action packed story. Fans of Divergent and Hunger Games will not be disappointed with this dystopia duology!
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Fast paced book you can't put down!
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