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May 05, 2015
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A romantic comedy about high school, heartbreak, and having all the answers. What if the secrets of dating and love were revealed in one simple formula? That’s the tantalizing proposition high school senior Shane Chambliss offers the hopeless and hapless guys who come to him for relationship advice. After the girl of his dreams breaks his heart, Shane devises a mysterious formula called the Galgorithm and establishes himself as the resident dating guru at Kingsview High School. But his attempts to master the art of romance go outrageously awry. As Shane tries to navigate the ensuing drama, he must follow his heart, abandon all the rules, and ignore his own advice in a quest for true love. What he discovers, no formula could ever predict...

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Math skills always get the girls
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Shane, who is still smarting from his breakup with "Voldemort" a couple of years ago (it hurts to say her name), is the match making king of his high school. He has devised a way for guys to improve their personal communications with girls whom they like, and instructs guys who are having trouble connecting with girls on what they should do. While this sounds a little manipulative at first, most of Shane's advice is fairly solid-- spruce yourself up, pay attention to the girl, and be firm and honest in dealings with her. (If the girl asks "Is this a date?", the answer should be an unapologetic "yes".) Shane's best friend, the quirky goth girl Jak, thinks he is doing a good thing, even when one of Shane's clients starts using the technique on her. Shane is even approached by a math teacher who is interested in another teacher, and is successful in helping him as well. Shane soon starts dating one of the hottest girls in school and knows he should be happy, but starts finding that he is a little jealous of the guy whom Jak is dating. When Shane's formula is discovered and publicized through social media, some of the relationships he helped facilitate fall apart... for a while. Is Shane's secret formula really secret... or a formula at all?
Good Points
It's hard to find humorous, young adult romance books that are aimed more at boys, so I am always pleased when I find one. This was very fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's great for guys to read tips like "actually pay attention to the girl", and laughed when Shane changed his line about a girl having great eyelashes for his teacher's use-- being older, the teacher was supposed to ask the other teacher if she used Latisse. The male teacher didn't know what this was, but was assured by Shane that the female teacher would be impressed that he knew. Fun twist at end, good use of current technology and interests.

This does cross the YA line for me, with a few more details than I'm usually comfortable with, but it is hard to find this type of book. Eighth graders would love it, but sixth graders might be a bit disturbed. This author's other books definitely cross the line into more high school territory.
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