Things I'll Never Say: Stories About Our Secret Selves

Things I'll Never Say: Stories About Our Secret Selves
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March 25, 2015
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Fifteen top young-adult authors let us in on provocative secrets in a fascinating collection that will have readers talking. A baby no one knows about. A dangerous hidden identity. Off-limits hookups. A parent whose problems your friends won’t understand. Everyone keeps secrets—from themselves, from their families, from their friends—and secrets have a habit of shaping the lives around them. Acclaimed author Ann Angel brings together some of today’s most gifted YA authors to explore, in a variety of genres, the nature of secrets: Do they make you stronger or weaker? Do they alter your world when revealed? Do they divide your life into what you'll tell and what you won't? The one thing these diverse stories share is a glimpse into the secret self we all keep hidden.

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A Cute and Light Collection of Stories
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It is hard to come up with a way to talk about story anthologies because each story is its own unit as well as a part of the collection. So in this review I am going to discuss the collection as a whole, how the stories worked together, and how well the stories stayed on theme.
This collection of stories were nice, light, and generally easy understand. This collection might have been better if the stories went more in-depth with the emotions behind secrets, really digging into why people feel the need to hide what things they hide. However, I still feel like these stories did a good job of getting their individual points across as well as the larger point of the collection. This ties into my next point, that the stories stayed on theme very well. I do think this collection might have been a bit more interesting if they had branched out from the secrets they included, not necessarily changed the secrets but branched further into what these things might mean for the characters. However, I think this had more to do with my expectations coming in to the book rather than with the book itself. These stories were well-paced as well, and you could fly through them and absorb them quite quickly. I liked how there were so many different authors, each of them brought their own take to the theme and told a story that could mean something to the reader. I definitely liked this collection of stories. They weren't anything mind-blowing, but simple stories can be powerful. These stories bring up questions about what secrets others might have and how we should treat other people and ourselves.
Good Points
- Cohesive storytelling
- Heartfelt messages of acceptance and hope
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