Unique, Different, Found

Unique, Different, Found
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December 21, 2014
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“We're free. I'm free. Never again will we have to face the Moonlight pack.” Beaten, punched, slapped, kicked, tortured. That was Celina’s life with the pack who was supposed to take care of her. She was nothing but their slave. And then one day, she decided that it had to stop. She would run away. And she did. And when she shifted, little did Celina know that she was the last pure white wolf in the world. Or that she was special. She just knew she was different. She ran for days, until she got to the territory of the Nightfall Pack. She was taken to see their alpha, and for reasons she couldn't understand, sparks just appeared when their fingers touched. Axel was everything the alpha of her old pack was not. He was strong, powerful, demanding. And apparently, he was the only pitch black wolf left in the world. And he was going to take what’s his: his mate, who happened to be the rogue Celina. Running away seemed to be the best decision she ever made, but will a destiny that was foretold long before she was born rip her apart about things in her past? Or will she show everyone she’s not the weak girl her old pack made her to be?

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