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July 23, 2013
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"Imagine, if you will, a novel that feels like a cross between The Hunger Games trilogy and the popular television series Fringe. Carol Moreira’s new novel for young adults, Membrane, struck me as being a cross between those two, but it’s not at all derivative." - Chronicle Herald You can’t outrun the membrane ... For Tanya turning sixteen sucks. Her former friend Rachel is bullying her, the love of her life doesn’t know she exists and her self-esteem isn’t exactly sky-high. Things go from bad to worse when she gets slimed at a bus stop and finds herself in an alternate universe and faced with another version of herself. Her alternate universe double is cool and confident, if a bit bossy. P — short for Princess because in Tanya’s eyes she is one — is part of an organization called Resist. Trained in tactical defense, Resist is preparing for an invasion by the Others. But are the Others really mobilizing to take over P’s universe or has there been some kind of galactic miscommunication? On the other side of the membrane, who can Tanya trust to make it back to her universe alive? RATED E - Everyone over ten: Content is suitable for everyone but may contain mild violence and language and minimal suggestive themes.

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