Ostrich Eye

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Realistic mystery for girls
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Reader reviewed by Dylana

This book was very good. It starts out as a regular teen novel for girls. The main character, Ginger, feels out of place, tall, and just regular. She has friends, a mom, a stepdad, and her cute little sister Vivian. Life is getting better for Ginger when she becomes the girlfriend of Nicholas, whom she once thought was wierd, but is actually interesting, funny, and perfect. She has never known her real father, for her mom never talks about him. His name is Austin Tremor and all she knows is bits and pieces of him and the pictures in his high school yearbook.
During the summer she has to babysit Vivian a lot. She notices a man always around, watching. She feels like she's being followed. Then she feels he is familiar and thinks he is her father. So she goes on a confusing quest to find out who he is and why he's here. She gets to know this man, whose a photographer, and is convinced he is her dad. That is until something terrible happens. He takes Vivian unexpectedly and never returns. Ginger learns that her father actually died years ago. She feels dumb, like her brain is the size of an ostrich eye. (reference to title)
The mystery goes on as Ginger's family tries to find Vivian, and Ginger feels awful. You're heart will really go out to her family. But she learns to not blame herself, that this man claiming to be her father messed with her mind and heart, and she turns out a hero in the end. Ginger is very realistic and fun, and her experience is interesting and exciting. You learn not to trust just anybody and how to get help and where to get it if necessary. This book keeps you hooked and wanting to know more. You have to be grateful for your family that you have. It may be the only thing you have. I loved this book and am now aware of the danger that is in this world, especially geared towards young children. Read this!
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