The Hit

The Hit
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February 25, 2014
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Live the ultimate high. Pay the ultimate price. The shocking return to YA by the author of SMACK. A new drug is on the street. Everyone's buzzing about it. Take the hit. Live the most intense week of your life. Then die. It's the ultimate high at the ultimate price. Adam thinks it over. He's poor, and doesn't see that changing. Lizzie, his girlfriend, can't make up her mind about sleeping with him, so he can't get laid. His brother Jess is missing. And Manchester is in chaos, controlled by drug dealers and besieged by a group of homegrown terrorists who call themselves the Zealots. Wouldn't one amazing week be better than this endless, penniless misery? After Adam downs one of the Death pills, he's about to find out.

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What would you give your life for?
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Overall The Hit was an okay book. In The Hit, characters live with the new temptation of a street drug appropriately called Death. It just takes one pill,and one can experience the greatest high.The catch? In exchange for the ultimate high- the ultimate price- death.

What worked- the compelling aspect of the book. Society is struggling with rebellion against a restraining government and other social issues. After twenty years of economic recession, society is on the brink. They are willing to pay anything to get a chance to escape, if only for a moment, the dreary life they are leading. The concept of what people are willing to pay to experience a high. The book reminds one to seize life and savor it. It isn't something to be taken lightly.

There are a lot of plot twists and unexpected turns that make the lack of character development easy to overlook. Some readers may find that the lack of character development makes the story difficult to follow. However, the unexpected events and underlying message of the book makes this a must read.

This book is great for high school readers and those looking for something a little different from the norm at the bookstore. Fans of Grasshopper Jungle will also enjoy this book.
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