Greater then Angels

Greater then Angels
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April 01, 1998
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greater than other books
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Reader reviewed by Jocelyn

I've read a lot of books, and Greater Than Angels is my favorite a lot of the time (it changes sometimes). This book, set in World War II, is about Anna Hirsch, a German Jewish girl who, along with her friends and family, is rounded up by the Nazis and deported to France. They are sent to a refugee camp where straw serves as a bed, and their luggage is ruined or lost before they can get it. Conditions are terrible, but then the learn that worse is to come--they will be sent to the death camps. Relief workers save some of the young people at Gurs, and send them to a tiny French village, where people agree to care for and hide them.

This book is certainly not alone in being YA fiction about the Holocaust, but it stands apart from the other books. While it is about the Holocaust, and the horrors during it, it is also a story about growing up. Anna starts the book as a child, and ends it an adult. Maybe what's going on around her forces her to grow up faster than she might have otherwise, but the way she keeps her spirit through all of the loss and evil around her is amazing.

Everyone should read this book, especially people interested in the specific time period or history in general, but, really, you don't have to be to love this book!
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