Killer of Enemies

Killer of Enemies
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October 01, 2013
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Years ago, seventeen year old Apache hunter Lozen and her family lives in a world of haves and have-nots. There were the Ones (people so augmented with technology and genetic enhancements that they were barely human) and there was everyone else who served the Ones. Then the Cloud came, and everything changed. Tech stopped working. The world plunged back into a new steam age. The Ones' pets — genetically engineered monsters — turned on them and are now loose on the world. Lozen was not one of the lucky ones pre-C, but fate has given her a unique set of survival skills and magical abilities. She hunts monsters for the Ones who survived the apocalyptic events of the Cloud, which ensures the safety of her kidnapped family. But with every monster she takes down, Lozen's powers grow, and she connects those powers to an ancient legend of her people. It soon becomes clear to Lozen that she is not just a hired gun… Lozen is meant to be a hero.

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New Heroine to Cheer For
(Updated: October 01, 2013)
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I admit it. In the recent influx of dystopia stories I find one big thing missing: diversity. As a former bilingual teacher and also someone with Mexican heritage, I wanted to see more than just the usual Anglo characters.

KILLER OF ENEMIES introduces readers to a harsh, unforgiving future of haves and have nots. Seventeen-year-old Lozen is Chiricahua Apache and a prisoner of Haven. She's a hunter of the monsters that were unleashed after a mysterious cloud came and changed her world. She has to hunt the monsters or else her family will be killed. Lozen might come across as hard and unfeeling but she has special gifts that help her survive. She, and others within Haven, realize she's 'special' and want her silenced. But fate might have other things in store for her.

What worked: The rich background which includes Lozen remembering the Apache folk tales her father and Uncle told her. Reader learn there is much more to Lozen. I loved how not only are we introduced to the stories but also to some survival techniques of her ancestors.

Lozen isn't one-dimensional at all. Rather we get a glimpse inside of her fears, wants, and struggles. Family is important to her. Readers see how important and to what lengths Lozen will go to in making sure they survive.

Did I mention Lozen is a hired killer? She has one secret that the Ones(psycho leaders) in Haven aren't aware of: she can hear the thoughts of others including the monsters she stalks. Lozen is strong, courageous, tough, and also vulnerable. A true heroine I know my former students would have looked up to. That's the beauty of stories like this one. The diverse characters reach out to a growing audience out there. I want more!!!

Action packed dystopian tale set in a gritty future with a courageous heroine who draws strength on her rich Apache heritage to help her survive.

Another Tu Books winner!
Good Points
1. Love multicultural protagonist in this diverse futuristic tale
2. Engaging story with Native American mythology/cultural reference woven throughout
3. Finally a dystopian story with diverse characters!
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