The Violet Hour (The Violet Hour #1)

The Violet Hour (The Violet Hour #1)
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March 08, 2014
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Harlow Wintergreen is keeping a dark secret. She is the daughter of the charismatic leader of VisionCrest, a corporate religion that quickly became a world power, but has recently been plagued by a rash of mysterious kidnappings. All eyes are on Harlow’s every move, and she is expected to be perfect. Unbeknownst to everyone, a sinister voice whispers to Harlow, showing her visions of a dizzying, blood-soaked alternate reality. Traveling on a PR junket to Asia with the families of the VisionCrest elite, Harlow is hoping to reconnect with her childhood friend and secret crush, Adam. Adam was the victim of a kidnapping and has miraculously returned, but his demeanor has changed. Harlow suspects she isn’t the only one keeping dangerous secrets. As the group travels through Japan and China, Harlow desperately struggles to keep her mind under control, but the more she resists, the more completely she is overwhelmed by the terrifying voice. It whispers to her. Shows her the deadly possibilities. Harlow’s mental state deteriorates and her visions bleed over into reality. When people begin to turn up dead, Harlow must expose her secret to the boy she loves and face the monster within, or else be consumed by it. Will it be too late?

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