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December 11, 2012
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Beatrice, whose Visions are clearer than those of the other Seers, trains to defend the Institution and the City from the Dreamcatchers. As the City prepares for an invasion, a Dreamcatcher named Echo tells Beatrice that war is imminent, and they must save each other in order to survive. Beatrice keeps this information from her best friend, Gabe, jeopardizing her allegiance to him and the Seers. Now, threatened by both the Seers and the Dreamcatchers, Beatrice must learn who she can trust, and make decisions that may cause her to lose Gabe or Echo forever.

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(Updated: March 23, 2013)
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The premise of LUMINOSITY intrigued me. A society of Seers whose dreams help their people against the dreaded Dreamcatchers. Beatrice is a Seer whose visions are the clearest of all the others in her community. Only she has a secret. She's seeing a Dreamcatcher, who is warning her of an upcoming battle. She knows she can't reveal this secret to her leader, the Keeper, or else she'll be executed. In the meantime she's struggling with her growing feelings toward Gabe, a childhood friend and falling in love with Echo, the Dreamcatcher who haunts her dreams.

What worked for this novel had to be the world of the Seers. The futuristic community is bleak and dark. The Seers have to have their first vision before being accepted into this society. Their trademark includes having raven tats placed next to their eyes. The action and pacing of the storyline moves along nicely. The dream sequences worked by delving deep into the other world of Echo. This is where the emotional pull tugs at the reader. It's also the unique twist in this dystopian novel. Beatrice starts to fall in love with a sworn enemy albeit one she only sees in dreams. Add to that her confusing emotions around Gabe. At times he comes across as being insensitive to her with his comments that she's holding something back from him. The banter between Beatrice and Gabe shows the insecurities both face in their growing relationship.

What I wished for though had to be more about this society. Sure, there were some explanation about how the Seers came to be but it felt almost rushed at times. The training that is thrust on the Seers felt almost too Hunger Games like at times though it did show the ugly side of a so-called society whose sole purpose is to help the citizens outside of the Institute. Toward the end, Echo comments that the Seers used the Citizens as slaves. I wanted to know why. There are glimpses of Citizens being fearful whenever the Seers showed up but it would have helped to get a little background on what their purpose was exactly.

Intriguing action filled paranormal tale where dreams can be dangerous in more ways than one. I really loved Echo and hope book two shows us more of not just him but his world of Aura. Also I want to know what are the consequences of Beatrice's choice at the end. Will she end up with Gabe, who she feels strongly for or Echo the boy that haunts her dreams? Hopefully book two will answer those and other questions.
Good Points
1. Intriguing paranormal tale
2. Think Hunger Games meets Seers
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