The Other Side of Dawn (Tomorrow #7)

The Other Side of Dawn (Tomorrow #7)
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August 26, 2002
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This is it -- the final explosive chapter in an epic saga of war and rebellion. An international bestseller that fans will not be able to resist.

Since their town was invaded by enemy soldiers and transformed into a war zone, Ellie and her four surviving friends have been fighting for their lives. One year later, a resolution may finally be in sight. But as enemy forces close in on her hideout, Ellie discovers that the final battle may be the most dangerous yet. And not every soldier is fated to see the end of every conflict.

There are no more hiding places left in this exhilarating conclusion to Ellie's struggle for freedom, dignity, and, above all else, a sense of peace.

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Reader reviewed by Pony

I absolutely LOVED this book! I finished reading it earlier and have read most of the other books that come before it.The morals are very true, and it all seems so credible.The ending was appropriate, but pretty sad.

In this book, Ellie and the remaining of her friends are asked by Coloonel Finley to go around doing as much damage as possible.It isnt that easy though.First, they still have the feral kids with them, and when the manage to send them to New Zealand, Gavin escapes and stays with them.Second, Hell is no longer safe. Ene my patrols were there and they took out most of tow patrols.They all headed for Cavendish where Elli is split up from the rest.After this everything happens so fast and with such a force that you have to do a double-take.Its immensly entertaining, but some readers of age 12 and under may not be able to handle everything in it.Its a bit...intense...
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